WARNING: Just because you've appointed a first aider and have a first aid kit in your office doesn't mean you've done everything to protect your employees

Revealed: The one vital element
MISSING FROM 88% of all
first aid training!

Do your first aiders know what it is?

Emergency First Aid Planning
Dear employer,

Accidents happen!

And that’s why you’ve ensured your company has enough first aiders and first aid kits to keep your staff safe.

But here’s the thing you probably don’t know: Just because you’ve spent thousands to get your company’s first aiders properly trained, doesn’t mean they know everything they need to when it comes to emergencies in the workplace.

Don’t believe me?

Here at FSP Business, we recently conducted a study to find out just how many people who’ve done first aid training received emergency response training during their course.

The results were shocking!

Only 12% of courses actually covered it!

And this could be putting your employees’ lives in grave danger.

If there was a fire, violent strike or explosion in your company, would your first aider know what to do?

Now I know what you’re thinking, you’ve been running your company for 20 years and you’ve never once had to deal with a fire, violent strike or explosion before.

But that doesn’t mean it CAN’T (or WON’T) happen to you!
Page through the newspaper on any given day and you’ll find at least one article on emergencies like fires, floods, natural disasters, explosions or violent strikes that have affected companies just like yours. Companies who didn’t think it could happen to them!

You’ll read dozens of horror stories about how many people died and how many more were grievously injured in company accidents…

Today, I want to help ensure your company’s first aiders are fully prepared for emergency situations just like these.

And that’s where Emergency first aid planning: Everything you need to train your first aiders for an emergency comes in.

YES! I want my first aiders to know EXACTLY
what to do in an emergency


With more than 21 years of training experience behind Emergency first aid planning,
you can rest assured your first aider will know everything he needs to do when disaster strikes…


Here’s what some of the people Michele’s already helped train have to say about her training packages:

“It assists me with my training presentations and it’s very handy with complete checklists.” - CB, Regional SHE Manager

“Simple and down to earth. I now do not have to draw up my own training modules.” – G. O’ Brien, SHEQ Rep

“I have found the training manual very complete, up to formal training standards, easy to use and most of all… It saved me time to compile lectures and slides!” – AS, Training Facilitator

Put together by first aid trainer and health and safety specialist, Michele Bowmer, Emergency first aid planning contains everything you need to ensure your first aiders understand what they need to do the minute your company’s fire alarm or evacuation signal goes off!

Having been in the industry since 1992, Michele’s passionate about training. She also knows that basic first aid is only the
first thing company first aiders have to know.

They also need to know:

They’ll discover all this and more in Emergency first aid planning

This is without a doubt the most comprehensive emergency training programme I’ve ever come across

Michele uses the exact same steps and techniques she reveals in Emergency first aid planning to train first aiders around the country.


Rest assured: This programme strictly adheres to the legal requirements stipulated in the OHS Act!

Because a registered Assessor and Safety Professional of Michele’s calibre has created Emergency first aid planning, you can rest assured it complies with every regulation stipulated in the OHS Act.

That means, if you train your first aiders with Emergency first aid planning, you won’t get into trouble with the DoL for non-compliance! She’s spent hours packing Emergency first aid planning with absolutely everything you need to train your first aiders on their responsibilities during an emergency at your company.

In it, you’ll get:

With Emergency first aid planning:

You WON’T have to worry about the hassle of putting together a comprehensive training document…

You WON’T have to fork out piles of cash to get experts to check your first aiders are properly trained and doing their job…

You WON’T have to waste hours on end animating PowerPoint presentations, putting together notes for your employees or reminding them of their first aid responsibilities during emergency drills. They’re tailor-made just for you!

And do you know what the best part is?

You’ll get all of this on CD! That means you’ll never have to worry about buying another emergency first aid response training package ever again… And you certainly won’t have to spend another cent to train any new first aiders on their emergency responsibilities in your company!

Simply press print, and you’ll have everything you need at your disposal to train your company’s first aiders over and over and over again.

It couldn’t be easier.

YES! I want my first aiders to know EXACTLY
what to do in an emergency


If you think your company doesn’t need Emergency first aid planning think again!

Now I have to warn you: Emergency response training doesn’t replace the need for basic first aid in your company.

But just because that’s the case, doesn’t mean your company first aider doesn’t need to know how to handle emergency situations.

After all, knowing how to respond during emergency situations is a CRUCIAL part of first aid! And it’s something only 12% of first aid courses out there actually cover.

Are you 100% sure the course you sent your company’s first aiders on is one of the few that covered this? And that it covered this properly?

If you’re not, you can’t afford to leave this to chance!

Don’t spend another minute wondering if your first aiders know what to do in an emergency

Now I’m sure you’re wondering: “How much will Emergency first aid planning cost me?”

Getting someone with the amount of experience and expertise Michele has to train your first aiders on their emergency responsibility would normally set you back around R1,500. And that’s for EACH of your company’s first aiders.  

But I don’t expect you to pay that!

In fact, I don’t even expect you to pay half of that.

Order your copy of Emergency first aid planning today, and you’ll pay just R399 including vat.

That’s R399, for Michele’s full training module, the facilitator workbook, training slides, employee manual, employee workbook PLUS the first aider templates I told you about earlier.

Now I know that doesn’t sound like a lot of money – but I’ve priced Emergency first aid planning so low because I know – first hand – how dangerous not having this type of knowledge in your company can be.

Don’t wait another minute to be fully compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act!

Rectify this – before the unthinkable happens!

Order your Emergency first aid planning: Everything you need to train your first aiders for an emergency now.

YES! I want my first aiders know EXACTLY
what to do in an emergency

Here’s to getting your company’s first aiders’ training up to scratch!

Louise Harty
Senior Product Manager – Workplace Safety

P.S. Don’t just take my word for it! If you’re not 100% convinced that Emergency first aid planning will help your first aiders prepare for emergencies in the workplace and show them exactly what they need to do, simply let me know by returning Emergency first aid planning within 30 days.

That’s the power of my exclusive 30 day money back guarantee. If you aren’t as impressed with Emergency first aid planning as we are, I’ll give you every cent you paid for it back.

Now that’s what I call real peace of mind – knowing your company’s first aiders are part of the 12% who are properly trained to protect your employees in an emergency and having a full 30 days to put Emergency first aid planning to the test.

What are you waiting for?

Get your copy of Emergency first aid planning: Everything you need to train your first aiders for an emergency today!

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